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Your Step By Step Guide To Making Your First $1000 With Kindle Publishing
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The Story Behind The Book - Mission 1000

I was inspired to write this book after spending a year in the Internet marketing field specifically dealing with Kindle publishing. 

After taking numerous courses I kept seeing a pattern...

Nobody wanted to give out all the goods. Nobody wanted to show you exactly how to get started and how to make your first $1000 online without holding back some essential information. 

This started to bug me especially after seeing how much making that first $1000 online changed my life and impacted my family. Not because its all the money in the world, it clearly is not, but because of the confidence that it gave me to keep pushing forward and make that next $1000 and the next and the next. 

Before I knew it I had a steady stream of passive income coming in every month and it started making all the difference in the world. I knew I needed to help others experience this, so I created My Self Publishing Blueprint and the results have been incredible. 

By following The Blueprint students have been able to earn their first $1000 online in as little as 90 days, 60 days, and some within their first month!

But that wasn’t good enough. I wanted more people to be able to experience the joy of making a passive income so I wrote this booklet and what I normally charge hundreds of dollars for I am giving away for free! 


I have made it my mission to help 1000 people make their first $1000 online with Kindle publishing in 2018! 

This booklet will be the vehicle to help hundreds, potentially thousands of people earn that first $1000. Once that first $1000 is made, making the next $1000, $10,000, or $100,000 is only a matter of time. This booklet is not designed to be a bestseller; it wasn’t written by professional ghostwriters or edited by a large publishing house. 

This booklet is designed to do one thing and one thing only, help YOU make your first $1000 a month 
online --- let’s go! 

----- Emeka J Ossai 

Are You Ready To Learn How To Do Kindle Publishing The Right Way And Change Your Life??
I Am Obsessed With Helping People Make Their First $1000 Online!! 
I Cover EVERYTHING You Need To Know And Leave Nothing Out!!! 
You Will Learn: 
  • ​Why Kindle Publishing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money online in 2018
  • ​How to Pick Between Fiction Or Non Fiction Publishing
  • ​How To Select A Niche That Is Not Already Saturated
  • ​Why 95% Of Most Books Stop Selling After A Few Months
  • How To Set Up Your Keywords Successfully On Amazon So They Rank Better
  • ​How To Get Your Book Written By Top Notch Writers
  • ​Step By Step Guide To Publishing On Amazon's KDP Platform
  • ​Why Most People Don't Rank Their Book Properly
  • ​How To Get Organic Reviews 
  • ​How To Set Up Your Email List, Properly
Important Addional Features Of This Booklet
  • ​Special Resources Section 
  • ​Detailed Pictures To Highlight Steps
  • ​Videos Links For Step By Step Instructions 
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